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Hey, It's Coach JP

Founder, The Process Athlete Development

Softball is the most individualized team sport that exists today. Your team can only succeed if every player is putting in the work. After spending years training individuals and teams both virtually and in the tri-state area, I realized that although the sport of softball changes and matures, the process of athlete and team development does not. I'm here to help you reach your goals, whether you're a player, parent, or coach.

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What Does Training Look Like?

In addition to traditional lessons and clinics, The Process Athlete Development offers a unique virtual training experience that gives you access to training drills and plans that will broaden your mental and physical game skills. We also have a player portal that will allow you to connect with like-minded players from across the world.

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I didn't know it was possible to improve so much in such little time. Not only does Coach JP go the extra mile, like adjusting to our 12 hour time difference, but she also puts so much thought into every drill which makes them extremely effective for any type of player. Because her programs and drills are filled with so much purpose and detail, I can immediately feel a difference mentally and physically after each week. She has instilled confidence in me and a new sense of awareness of both the game and my body; she has taught me how to recognize my mistakes through film or 'feeling it', as I go through each motion and how to make quick adjustments which is crucial in a game. Training with someone who is equally as invested in my journey as I am has been a game changer and that's Coach JP!!

Alex Sy, Philippines
Ultimate Hustler since March 2020

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