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Setting Yourself Up for Off Season Success

16 weeks to reach your goals. Can you do it?


March 1st is coming fast, which is the start date for Spring sports in New Jersey (and most of the Northeast). That means we have roughly 16 weeks to reach our offseason goals. But where should you start?

There are three areas of training that you should be thinking about this offseason: physicality (speed, strength, and agility), softball skills (hitting, pitching, catching, defense, baserunning), and your mental game (this includes confidence). Before you jump into an offseason plan that you found online, let's figure out what we need to do to make you successful.

Part 1: Self-Reflection

  • Take a piece of paper and write out your three categories.

    • Write out your strengths and opportunity areas for each of the three categories. These can be bullets, not complete sentences. T

    • On the bottom of your paper, write out three lists: coaches, teammates, and other. You are going to reach out to two coaches, two teammates, and two other individuals of your choice to gather feedback on what they believe you need to work on. The 'other' category could be a trainer you work with, a private instructor, or even your best friend's parent who watches your games all the time!

Part 2: Gather Feedback

  • Reach out to each of the six individuals you are gathering feedback from. If you're stuck on what to ask, try some of these:

  • "Hi ___, I'm excited to get to work this offseason and was wondering what you believe I should be focusing on? What can I be better at?"

    • As they answer you, add their feedback to your table that you have set up, or label the feedback by tagging it to the correct category

    • Keep in mind that a piece of feedback may fit into more than one category!

Part 3: Review the Feedback

  • Once you have all of your feedback, take a look at which categories have more bullets than the rest. Did every person you gathered feedback from mention getting stronger so you can throw harder? Did one person recommend working on something that you had written down as a strength?

  • Now that you have your feedback, it's time to formulate a plan!

Part 4: Make Your Plan

  • Write down your week. Based on the feedback you received, how many days do you want to work on each of the three categories?

  • Your plan can look something like this:

Make your plan and tag me @heyitsCoachJP on Instagram or Twitter. I can't wait to see what you'll be working on this Winter.

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